Sean DeMars

Hey everyone, my name is Sean Demars and I have the pleasure of serving as one of the pastors of the church at 6th Avenue. The Lord saved me from my sins at eighteen and I haven’t looked back since. (Phil 3:14) After serving five years in the military, the Lord led our family to Peru as missionaries, and then brought us back to America in 2015. Amber and I have two children, Patience and Isabella. When we’re not serving the church we like to CrossFit, read good books, and spend time with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Michael Waugh

My name is Michael Waugh, and I have the privilege of serving as one of the elders here at 6th Ave. I was not brought up in a Christian home, but in my early 20’s I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to read the Bible, and during that reading I was convicted that Jesus was real, and that I was a sinner. I became a believer, but very immature in the faith. Later, my wife Tammy and I began attending 6th Ave., and God has continued to grow my faith and understanding through the church. Tammy and I have two grown children and four grandchildren. I work full time for a local manufacturer, and in addition to the church and work, I enjoy working out and also playing guitar.

Grant Miller

My name is Grant Miller, and I have had the joy of serving as an elder at 6th Avenue for several years.  6th Ave is the only church I have ever attended.  I once believed at a young age that I knew Christ, but it was only at the age of 24 that I was truly convicted of my need for a Savior, and I repented of my sins and began to trust in Christ in 2008.  The Lord has since been very kind to open my eyes to the deep truths of his Word.  My wife Alison and I have been married since 2005, and we have four children (Cohen, Micah, Eisley, and Maddux).  I work for an engineering company in Huntsville, AL.  I love spending time with my family, listening to music, reading, and being with the members of the church.

Russell Berger

Hello! My name is Russell Berger and I have the privilege of serving as one of the pastors here at 6th Avenue. I didn’t grow up attending church, and spent most of my life professing to be an atheist. After serving four years in 1st Ranger Battalion, my wife Katherine and I moved to Huntsville. By God’s grace we were both saved at that time, and began our walk with Christ. The Lord has blessed us with two children, Campbell, our daughter, and Barrett, our son. When I’m not reading a theology book, you can find me doing CrossFit, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or enjoying the outdoors.